IXOLUTION is a leading European player in the field of transport automation. Every day, our team of IT specialists and transport and logistics 

experts works to realize transport efficiency for our customers, based on smart and solid transport management and intermodal solutions.


On 1 January 2013 the IXSuite-activities of GreenCat were privatized by means of a management buy-out to continue under the name ixolution.

The IXSuite consists of the ‘IXTransportOperator’ TMS and the applications for intermodal hinterland management ‘IXTerminalOperator’ and ‘IXRailOperator’. The other GreenCat activities remained part of Groeneveld Group.



IXOLUTION offers integrated IT solutions for international and intermodal transport and logistics.


IXOLUTIONs IXSuite features integrated operating support for intermodal transport management, tri-modal inland terminal operating processes and rail operating processes.



Nadat ETC Holland in 2015 koos voor het operationele systeem IXSuite van IXOLUTION, heeft ETC Holland nu ook gekozen voor IXBizzI als operationeel dashboard. Met IXBizzI heeft ETC Holland de mogelijkheid om constant de omzet, kosten en daarmee de winstgevendheid te monitoren. IXBizzI IXBizzI... read more