Who we are

We are the European market leader in innovative software for international and intermodal transport. We deliver and implement a standard software product for the operational processes. Transport software that has more than proven itself. We see a growing number of logistics entrepreneurs opting for our multimodal IXSuite solutions. The popularity of the Business Intelligence, Mobile and Web applications is also increasing. The same applies to the logistics CRM module and the financial functionality. The software products have been developed based on needs in the logistics sector.

The tools support companies with planning and monitoring (multimodal) transport activities, managing terminal operations and rail cargo activities. The result is exactly what IXOLUTION as a company stands for: ensuring that service providers have more insight, can operate more flexible and effective and are able to increase service levels at the same time.

What we offer


ERP of order entry, planning, invoicing. Standard interfaces with customs, ferry- and rail- companies, financial packages and various board computer suppliers.

Value for money

Ixolution offers an all-in-one package of software implemented by logistics professionals aiming for maximum logistics process support at competitive prices


Not tied to long-term contracts with IXOLUTION. Software can be coordinated and integrated with company-specific processes and customer-specific developments.


Support desk available on weekdays during office hours. IXOLUTION service contracts possible up to 24x7 for desired support.


As IXOLUTION we always put our customers first. That's a promise. With IXSuite we serve a large and growing number of European operating logistics service providers. Reliability and flexibility are core values of the IXOLUTION software. If that basis is in place, then there is room for insight, flexibility, a higher service level and innovative additional services. Our mission is to enable our customers to perform as well as possible with the help of clear, smart and effective transport management software. Instead of bragging and self-congratulating we prefer to refer to our ambassadors: a growing group of satisfied logistics companies.

It is our mission to help customers perform at their best with the help of clear, smart and effective transport management software. Self-congratulation is not known to us. We prefer to refer to our ambassadors: a growing group of satisfied logistics providers.


When developing logistics software, IXOLUTION aims for using applications based on open standards. This vision means that our customers can more easily integrate the TMS and TOS software with systems of chain partners. After all, a smooth exchange of data is a key condition for chain insight.

The board of directors & management team

Meet the IXOLUTION management team.

Ton Stuit

Algemeen Directeur - Eigenaar

+31 (0)6 466 383 31


Kornee Sterrenburg

Technisch Directeur - Eigenaar

+31 (0)6 523 210 93


Robert de Rooij

Operations Manager

+31 (0)6 290 131 45


Patrick van Aert

Senior Business Analist

+31 (0)6 132 688 14




CSR (Corporate Social Responsibility)


Within IXOLUTION it is a tradition that we do not hand out corporate gifts around Christmas and New Year's Eve but spend this money on a socially supported cause. Every employee has the option to suggest a charity, after which one charity is ultimately selected.

For 2023, that is Stichting Jarige Job. Every year in the Netherlands there are children who cannot celebrate their birthday because there is no money at home. The Jarige Job Foundation helps these children by giving them a birthday box worth €35. It contains everything the kid needs for a real birthday, at home and at school!

IXOLUTION has been offering internships for Higher Professional Education students for quite some time. Next to that we are also a certified training company for middle-level applied education. practical experience is an indispensable part of the training for students. As a training company we are certified for the courses business administrator, financial administration, HRM and development.

Socially concerned

IXOLUTION has a partnership with Just4work. They participate in the selection of employees who receive a wage dispensation. As IXOLUTION, we believe it is important that these employees gain work experience and are part of the labour force.

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