The IXTransportOperator module is equipped with several Port connections. The TMS supplies  interfaces with PSA and DP World in Antwerp, with Portbase in Rotterdam and with Dakosy in Hamburg. This mainly applies to Container Haulage (CH).


The software supplies standard interfaces with on-board computers. This offers the planner in the TMS the possibility of live tracking drivers, planning trips based on actualized information, interact planning with board computer and manage drivers.


IXTransportOperator is equipped with an EDI module with which standardized data can be exchanged with platforms such as Elemica and Transwide. Cidx and XML are the preferred formats. The TMS is also standard equipped with EDI interfaces with various rail and ferry parties, such as Cobelfret and Hupac.


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Liquid & bulk (LB)
Manage and control liquid transport, bulk and full load processes

IXTransportOperator Liquid & Bulk (LB) serves logistics service providers who are active with their own trailers and tanks. The transport management system supports the management of liquid transport, bulk and full cargo processes. The TMS is also tailored for these specific activities and helps users with calculations for standard routes. In addition, it provides tools for intermodal transport handling.

Network distribution (ND)
Manage LTL en FTL distribution activities and combine those with multimodal opportunities

IXTransportOperator Network Distribution (ND) has been specifically developed for logistics service providers who focus on FTL, LTL and network distribution transport. The transport management system (TMS) ensures optimal process planning for both full and partial loads. It offers the possibility to divide each transport order into ‘legs’ which can then be individually or grouped assigned to different modalities with the aim of operating as effectively and efficiently as possible and optimizing margins.

Container haulage (CH)
Manage containertransport and control the multimodal chain

IXTransportOperator Container Haulage (CH) has been developed especially for container transporters and helps to plan and manage container transport to and from the port. The module ensures minimum waiting times at the Rotterdam and Antwerp ports by means of optional links with Portbase, DP World, PSA. The module makes it possible to connect the port with the hinterland by applying different modalities. All this with the aim of using the equipment as efficiently as possible and optimizing margins.