Customer – Olie Handel Vermeulen Kampen live with Ixsuite

Since last month has been live with IXSuite! live with IXSuite!


Oliehandel Vermeulen Kampen B.V. | Service, quality and fast delivery of fuels to companies from the transport, logistics and agricultural sector in the Overijssel region and surroundings. Oliehandel Vermeulen Kampen B.V. also operates and supplies 10 fuel stations.


Order processing and planning now take place in IXSuite. The link with on-board computers and the Extendas financial package is being finalized.


With the updated cloud version of IXSuite, the company has access to all functionalities

We congratulate Oliehandel Vermeulen Kampen B.V. with this go-live and wish them every success with our IXSuite solution!